Golden Axe Classics

Bringing the old Sega-feel to the mobile platform for you to enjoy this masterpiece, Golden Axe Classics is a superb and highly absorbing action game in which you’ll be helping your heroes conquer the land of Yuria as they face all kinds of creatures and enemies who’ll do anything to stop you. The gameplay is exactly how fans of this game remember it from the Sega days, and for those who aren’t familiar, there isn’t much to worry about because you’ll certainly fall in love with what this game offers. The game also features a short but helpful tutorial that’s been implemented for newcomers, so if you want to learn the basics, this tutorial is perfect for you.

In terms of gameplay, this game truly is one of the Pioneers of side-scrolling action games and bringing that same feel to the mobile platform is quite impressive. This is a level-based game, and in each level, your goal will be to fight off the incoming enemies using your golden axe that possesses special powers and, once you’ve killed the enemies, you’ll end the stage with a fight against a vicious boss where you’ll need to level up your game as they can cause you lots of trouble. The game is filled with tons of exciting levels for you to play, and you can even choose a character of your choice, so the content variety is incredible.

The visuals of the game are precisely how you’d expect from an old-school 2D action game, as it features a pixelated art style. The character designs are great, the level designs are amazing and, overall, the game is appealing when it comes to graphics.

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